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$             Sell Your Catalytic Converter : CONTACT US
$        Sell My Catalytic Converter : CONTACT US
$   How do I sell my converter? see below...

Davis Recycling Incorporate, DRI, is a full service catalytic converter recycling center.
We are located in East Tennessee, USA, in Johnson City TN. Google Map

How To Remove A Catalytic Converter : Watch Video
Bad Catalytic Converter Explained : Watch Video
Clogged Cat Flexs Exhaust Pipe When Engine Is Revved : Watch Video
Questions about Converters Read Here

How do I send you a picture of my converter?
Text converter to Davis Recycling

How do I know my converter needs recycled?
  • The car needs clean air flow. The pressure on the muffler side of the converter should allow a good air flow. If pressure is low or zero when the car is running, then the converter could be clogged with engine pressure dangerously growing and backing itself up towards the motor.
  • Start the motor, see if there is good air flow coming out of the exhaust pipe.
  • If you have a mechanic or mechanical skills, you need to test the air pressure in front and in back of the converter. View this video to see how to test pressure : Watch Video
  • If your converter is glowing red hot, it is in a very dangerous state. Read this on Fire hazards of a CAT

  • How do I remove my Catalytic Converter?
  • Watch this video on how to unbolt a converter : Watch Video
  • If you cut the converter, try to cut as close to the front and back of the converter as possible. See these 'how to' articles and videos : Articles and Videos
  • You can use a hacksaw or and electric saw to cut the 'Pipe' in front and in back of the converter casing. DO NOT cut into the converter itself or you ruin the value you get paid for.
  • You can also cut the pipe with strong hydraulic or electric metal cutters.

  • Should I cut open my converter and send you what is inside it?
  • No. The insides must be processed in order to separate the materials you will be paid for. Only a very very small portion of the inside of the catalytic converter is valuable. Without the proper process, the valuable part would be lost.

  • What do I do after I cut my converter off?
  • 1. Contact Davis Recycling Inc. by email or calling:
    You need to send us a photograph by email (call for email address for photograph) or postal so DRI can give you the best current market price for your converter. Once price is given, you must mail the converter to DRI within the next seven (7) days.
  • 2. Next you will want to ship the converter to DRI. You can use UPS, FedEx or Postal.
  • 3. Use this shipping calculator to see basic shipping cost : Shipping Calculator For a shipping price quote, you will need to measure the converter's weight, length, height and width.
  • 4. Use this shipping address :
  • Davis Recycling Inc
    639 Woodlyn Road
    Johnson City, TN 37601

    DRI has two major warehouse locations with easy access. Our entrance scale is built for full 18 wheeler loads. Yet, we're not too big to not accept small traders or single catalytic converter traders. Many of our core buyers are independent catalytic converter sellers. You may also mail us your single used converter for top current market prices. Good deals make good customers. DRI watches the market hourly and since we are full service, we can offer the best prices found nationally.
    Top dollar for you is win/win for both DRI and the customer. Because we deal in such a high volume, we can offer the best price for your used catalytic converter.

    Our 'ZERO TOLERANCE' helps cut out the time consuming unethical traders. Thus, we can give you the quality time that true customers and partners are due.
    We see you as 'partners' more than as 'customers'. Recycling is a global necessity. And as we all chip in to do our part, we can each benefit by efficient models that give top dollar for effort supplied.
    Partner today with Davis Recycling Incorporated. Give us a call if you have questions or thoughts: 423-926-3699
    Thank you for letting us serve you.

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