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Recycle FAQS and Facts

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  • Recycling one ton of newspapers conserves the equivalent of 19 pine trees.
  • Five recycled 2-liter PET bottles make enough fiberfill to stuff a ski jacket, and 35 2-liter PET bottles make enough for a sleeping bag.
  • A ton of steel cans recycled saves 1.36 tons of iron ore.
  • Glass recycles completely, meaning one kilogram of old glass can be turned into one kilogram of new glass, and it can be recycled repeatedly without loss of quality to the new product. A ton of glass recycled saves the equivalent of 34 liters of fuel oil. In addition, recycled glass requires 30% less energy than glass manufactured from silica.
  • The two major pollutants are sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Emissions of sulfur dioxide are mostly from fossil fuel (coal and oil), combustion in electric power production, and industrial processes (the primary metals, petroleum industry, chemical manufacturing, and mineral products). Emissions of nitrogen oxides are mostly from the transportation industry and fossil fuel (coal, oil and natural gas) combustion.
  • When water vapor and droplets in the air combine with sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, they fall to the earth as acid rain (sulfates and nitrates). Acid rain is harmful to aquatic life---fish populations and water plants---and the terrestrial ecosystem. It may damage or slow the growth of crops and forests. In addition, it may affect drinking water quality by causing the release of heavy metals from soil.
  • Today, over 12,000 communities provide recycling services to 184 million people.
  • By using plastic in packaging, product manufacturers save enough energy each year to power a city of 1 million homes for three and a half years.
  • Plastic lumber, made with recycled plastic, holds nails and screws better than wood, is virtually maintenance free and lasts for 50 years!
  • Foam polystyrene containers take 30 percent less total energy to make than paperboard containers.
  • For every seven trucks needed to deliver paper grocery bags to the store - only one truck is needed to carry the same number of plastic grocery bags!
  • Without plastics, 400 percent more material by weight and 200 percent more material by volume would be needed to make packaging.

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