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Ozone and the Environment


It is not just familiar products like paper, plastics and drinks cans that can be recycled, there are some less well known products that could and should be considered for recycling. Old refrigerators, heat pumps and home / automobile air conditioners all contain a chemical called freon (better known as CFC - Chlorinated Fluorocarbon).

CFC's have been widely linked to the damage caused to the ozone layer. Did you know that each molecule of CFC can destroy over 100,000 molecules of the ozone layer? The damage caused to the earth's natural sunscreen is leading to huge increases in cases of skin cancer and cataracts not just in the human population but in the animal kingdom too.

For example, the safe recycling of freon (CFC Refrigerant 12) has been under legislation for 10 years in Britain. It is vital that when getting rid of any fridge or freezer you contact your local authority and ask them what their refrigerant policy is. For larger more industrial items like air conditioning systems you can visit the Institute of Refrigeration (www.ior.org.uk) for information on how to safely drain the freon. For more information on the types of international recycling laws being legislated globally, have a look at the Institute of Refrigeration's website.

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