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The Nature of Automotive Recycling

According to the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, auto recycling is as old as the car itself. Today, cars are one of the most recycled consumer items. Approximately 82 percent of an average vehicle’s weight gets recycled. Automakers often manufacture recycled materials into new vehicles; in some cases, recycled materials are used in the production process. The amount of material per car, however, makes it critical to improve the recyclable amount, since 18 percent of a car is still a lot of leftover material ending up in landfills. Automakers struggle to increase this amount as well as the amount of End-of-Life material that heads back into the automobile production cycle.

When a vehicle reaches end-of-life, drivers typically drop off their old vehicles at a junk yard, salvage yard or dismantler. Across the United States and Europe, a network of auto-dismantlers and shredders recycles 95 percent of the vehicles that come off the road. The dismantler first strips out parts suitable for reuse or re-manufacturing. Re-manufactured parts contain 85 percent of the original materials in the new part, with a cost of production about 50 percent less than a new part. These parts typically head back into cars that are eight to twelve years old.

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