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Laws and Regulations
South Dakota codified law 34A-6-60 sets a recycling goal rate of 50% by July 1, 2001. The recycling rate for 1997 was 42%. October of 1999 reports a source reduction rate of 43%. The recycling rate for 2001 was 37%. Certain items such as yard waste, lead acid batteries, appliances and waste motor oil are banned from landfills. Waste tires are banned from landfills unless they are quartered or shredded prior to disposal. Any other recycling is up to individual municipalities and is not mandated by the state.

Catalytic Converter Companies

  • Davis Recycling Inc
    Catalytic Converter Recycling. Scrap metal recyclings.
    Automotive dismantling. DavisConverters.com
    423.926.3699 buyers Continental U.S.A.
    639 Woodlyn Road, Johnson City, TN 37601

    Educational Opportunities

  • South Dakota Waste Management Recycling
  • South Dakota State University Recycling
  • Waste Management of South Dakota
  • News
    Air Pollution Rules Relaxed for U.S. Ethanol Producers By ... final rule issued today by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, treats facilities producing ethanol for ... - ethanol," said Senator John Thune, a South Dakota Republican who sent a letter to the ...
    Cycle Green is licensing technology from Tech to use in its recovery of platinum group metals from automobile catalytic converters. Presently, up to 80 percent of the catalyst material collected in the United States is exported for final processing outside this country. http://sdmines.sdsmt.edu/sdsmt/SiteID=377554 If all platinum-group metals were to be recovered and recycled from available scrap, such as automobile catalytic converters produced in the U.S., the U.S. would become the world's largest platinum-group metal producing country. Approximately 45 million automobiles are scrapped worldwide every year, more than 15 million of which are junked in the United States. http://sdmines.sdsmt.edu/sdsmt/SiteID=199458

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    WE BUY USED CONVERTERS ! Call 423-926-3699 Today !

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