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CoreBuyers Catalytic Converter Truck Largebed

Core Buyers Catalytic Converters Truck

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Catalytic Converters
Call: 423-926-3699

Catalytic Converters
Scrap Metal
Auto Dismantling
Call: 423-926-3699

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Davis Recycling Incorporated
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Open: Monday through Friday
Hours: 9:00am-4:30pm EST
Receiving Hours: 9-4:30pm

Bring your converters to us.
WE BUY USED CONVERTERS ! Call 423-926-3699 Today !

Steps when bringing recyclables to Davis.
  • Always check in first at our office.
  • When approved by the office enter onto the full sized truck scale for pre-weighing of load.
  • After unloading the truck will again be weighed.
  • Small vehicles will be approved by the office to enter the area designated for unloading.

    Professional Catalytic Converter Sells of Used Recycle Cats
    Professional Sellers :
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    Converter Pickup Service

    Davis Recycling picks up converters throughout the continental United States.

    Naturally for cost effectiveness, quantity of converters is important for special trips. For instance, we may fly to your location, obtain a truck from our network of transportation options, then pickup your converters. Our team is constantly on the move throughout the United States.

    We also welcome pickup and shipping of small quantities. Many of our clients will ship catalytic converters to Davis Recycling. Load sizes range from 1 to 10,000 or more catalytic converters.

    Just 1 (one) converter?, YES!, give us a call and we'll tell you how you can trim, pack and ship one or more to us through UPS or FedEx.

    Larger quantities? We'll assist you on how to ship using the national Trucking and Shipping Companies.

    If we run a route through your current location, we will be happy to include you in that route for converter pickup.

    Likewise, if we are currently servicing customers in your area, we can make arrangements to pickup small quantities.

    Call for pickup or delivery arrangements. Call: 423-926-3699

    Call and email to see if we have a current route in your location.

    "Thank you!" from all of us at Davis Recycling.


    We Buy Used Converters.
    Converter Recycling Experts
    639 Woodlyn Road
    Johnson City, TN 37601
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    Map to Davis Recycling Inc Open: Monday through Friday
    Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm EST
    Receiving Hours: 9-4:30pm

    WE BUY USED CONVERTERS ! Call 423-926-3699 Today !

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