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Laws and Regulations
1992 revisions to the recycling goals in the Recycling Act established a 50% municipal solid waste recycling goal by December 31, 1995; and a 60% total recycling goal by December 31, 1996. State failed to meet the municipal solid waste-recycling goal of 50% in 1995. State did meet overall recycling goal, with a recycling rate of 61% in 1996.

Catalytic Converter Companies

  • Davis Recycling Inc
    Catalytic Converter Recycling. Scrap metal recyclings.
    Automotive dismantling. DavisConverters.com
    423.926.3699 buyers Continental U.S.A.
    639 Woodlyn Road, Johnson City, TN 37601

    Metex Corp. - Edison, NJ -
    Company Profile: Manufacturer of knitted wire coated catalytic converters for engine, fuel cell & industrial applications. Specialty knitted wire mesh catalysts & mufflers coated with variety of precious...

    Educational Opportunities

  • Association of New Jersey Recyclers
  • Environmental Education Center
  • Waste and Recycling in New Jersey
  • New Jersey Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability
  • Association of New Jersey Household Hazardous Waste Coordinators
  • News
    It is disgraceful to see the rate of recycling decline in New Jersey between 1995 and 2004. ...That means the residents of New Jersey consumed and wasted a lot of recyclable product like aluminum, paper (newspaper and office paper) and plastic during these nine years by not recycling these recyclable products. My opinion is that recycling was not given the necessary attention during these nine years in the Garden State. I believe that this decline in recycling in New Jersey between 1995 and 2004 was because of unawareness of the importance and benefits of recycling. The number of residents that was aware was lower than the number of residents that was unaware of recycling. As a result, those aware of the importance and benefits of recycling lost interest in recycling because they saw no changes in the environment or positive effect of recycling. ... After the recycling laws have been passed, the recycling awareness campaign group should organize enlightening programs, an annual recycling symposium, publish and advertise about recycling in newspapers, and quarterly newsletter, and talk shows on radio and television in each county in New Jersey. The government should promote recycling by buying recycled products from recycling companies. If the government can use recycled products, the residents and organizations in the Garden State wouldn’t find it difficult to use it such as well. ... http://www.takingitglobal.org/express/panorama/article.html?ContentID=10395

    New Jersey residents and organizations are being asked to help reduce ground-level ozone pollution on announced Ozone Action Days, when ozone levels are predicted to be unhealthy. Listed below are some simple ways we can all help reduce pollution. When you must drive, minimize "cold starts" by combining trips and errands, so the catalytic converter on your vehicle remains warmed up and functional.

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