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Commissioner: Larry Hartig
Deputy Commissioner: Dan Easton
(907) 465-5066
Department of Environmental Conservation
410 Willoughby Ave., Ste 303
P.O. Box 111800
Juneau, AK 99811-1800
Telephone:(907) 465-5066
Fax Number:(907) 465-5070
Email: commissioner at dec.state.ak.us

EIA Alaska Catalytic Converters

Laws and Regulations
No laws imposing statewide recycling mandates/goals exist, only declaration from the governor encouraging recycling. This is mainly due to transportation logistics and the lack of infrastructure in many smaller communities and villages. In 2000, the Assembly adopted for Anchorage municipalities the following goals: 30% of population to recycle (21% currently recycle but is not mandated); 1% of tipping fees go towards funding recycling.

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  • Davis Recycling Inc
    Catalytic Converter Recycling. Scrap metal recyclings.
    Automotive dismantling. DavisConverters.com
    423.926.3699 buyers Continental U.S.A.
    639 Woodlyn Road, Johnson City, TN 37601

    International Freegold Mineral Development (ITF:CDNX) (ITF:TSX) - exploring for hard-rock platinoids but broadened to encompass exploration of alluvial platinum & palladium placers in Alaska, USA. http://www.mine.mn/Placer_Stockfile_Ia_Iz.htm#ITF

    Quaterra Resources (QTA:CDNX) - joint venture for platinoids, including alluvial platinum & palladium placers in Alaska, USA.

    Platinum Palladium Prod Corp AK

    Educational Opportunities
    Alaska History Course

    In 1927 an Eskimo found white gold platinum in the Goodnews Bay area. Placer mining operations began shortly after. In 1934 the Goodnews Bay Mining Company mechanized its operation. Track vehicles, a pump, hydraulic pipes, and other equipment made it possible to process in only a few hours the amount of gravel that a miner could shovel in a year.

    This article is provided as a public service by the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, in cooperation with the UAF research community. Larry Gedney is a seismologist at the Institute.
    Among the 50 states, only Alaska can lay claim to being a commercial producer of platinum, the fabled metal of kings whose rarity exceeds that of gold. Over half a million ounces of the metal have been extracted by placer operations near the village of (what else?) Goodnews Bay in Southwest Alaska. http://www.gi.alaska.edu/ScienceForum/ASF6/697.html

    By Larry Carley c2003 : Are tailpipe emissions tests going away? That seems to be the case for 1996 and newer vehicles. A growing number of states have already changed or are in the process of changing their vehicle inspection programs to include Onboard Diagnostic II (OBD II) computer checks for late-model cars and trucks. In most instances, the OBD II check replaces the need for an I/M 240 or other loaded-mode tailpipe test as long as the vehicle passes. If it fails the OBD II test, some states give the vehicle owner the option of taking a "second-chance" tailpipe test. Older vehicles that do not have OBD II still have to take a tailpipe test. So far, 21 states and the District of Columbia have made the switch to OBD II testing. These include Alaska. http://www.aa1car.com/library/2003/us50326.htm

    ‘The Platinum King: Andrew Olson’s Story’
    By Jan Olof G. Lindström and Karen L. Olson, Book Publishers Network
    Reviewed by Sarah Hurst
    When Andrew Olson first came to Alaska from Sweden, in February 1907, he had to hike the 400 miles from Valdez to Fairbanks. Mining pioneer David Strandberg paid Olson $7 a day to shovel dirt and gravel into sluice boxes and pan for gold. In 1938 his Goodnews Bay Mining Co. was handling more than a million cubic yards of dirt in a season and more than a million dollars worth of platinum. By the time Olson retired, in 1970, he could make the trip back to his homeland in just 24 hours. ... It is as filling as a hearty Swedish dinner of fish and potatoes, and preserves the memory of a great man in Alaska mining history. http://www.petroleumnews.com/pntruncate/442989012.shtml

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