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Research Library : Automobile Dismantling
note: DRI is not an Automobile Dismantling company.

Tasks & Duties

Automotive dismantlers may do some or all of the following:
  • assess vehicles and make offers to buy them
  • locate and remove individual parts for customers
  • remove all saleable parts from vehicles
  • remove all flammable areas from vehicles such as plastic and carpet
  • recycle fluids including oil
  • ensure air-conditioning units and hazardous substances are disposed of appropriately
  • cut usable quarters or halves off vehicles
  • wash parts and coat them in rust inhibitor to stop rust
  • label parts and put them into their correct storage area
  • record details of imported cars and parts when they are unloaded
  • sell parts to garages and the public
  • keep records and receipts of transactions
  • advise customers on parts in stock
  • drive a tow-truck or hire a tow-truck company to recover vehicles
  • search computer databases for parts
  • sell vehicle remnants for scrap metal.
Dismantling and Recycling

  • Automobile Dismantling Definitions
  • Automobile Dismantling Parts Definitions
  • Dismantling and Recycling Cars and Trucks
  • The Nature of Dismantling and Recycling Cars and Trucks

  • Automotive Recycling: Your Car's Afterlife (PDF) A Vital US Industry: Auto Recycling.  For more than 75 years, automotive recyclers have been providing employment, consumer service and environmental conservation worldwide. In the United States, the automotive recycling industry is a vital, market-driven industry. In fact, automotive recycling is the 16th largest industry in the United States, estimated to be a $25 billion per year industry. There are approximately 7,000 vehicle-recycling operations around the country.  Recycling autos provides enough steel to produce almost 13 million new automobiles, while generating jobs for 46,000 people. ~ autoalliance.org

    Automotive Recycling: Your Car's Afterlife (PDF)


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